ASICS again this season with the well-known shoes shop UBIQ cooperation, launch of the GEL-Lyte Speed "Cool Breeze" joint running shoes. As the name suggests, the designer from the summer the most representative of the blue sky and the icy waters of inspiration, green and blue suede so different levels of the shoe body, thereby creating a rich visual effect in the upper, as for the details of the GEL ink has slow epicenter bottom, also let more shoes with street fashion sense. Finally, through the "blue sky whi Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping te clouds" digital printing on the insole, as well as the theme of both Logo echoes. The shoes will be launched on July 18th at UBIQ stores and online stores, priced at $140. PUMA to SWASH LONDON the first color summer winter 2015 joint series of classic PUMA sounds together BWGH once again released R698 BLUEFIELD OG shoe comments on A: PUMA SWASH LONDON the first color to the summer winter 2015 joint series a heavy Yi classic PUMA together BWGH released R698 BLUEFIELD OG shoes again , BET music 200 cheap jordans for sale 9 annual hip hop awards ceremony was held in Atlanta City, Georgia Boisfeuillet Jones Atlanta Civic, a famous American hip-hop band members, Outkast legend Big Boi was invited to attend, here is his home. Big Boi's Cross knife back, as a guest singer for Goodie Mob Orchestra Performances, one even under the stage debut fans crazy, at this time we NBA war xiewang reporters surprised to find that the new shoes he wore is from the Spanish bullfight Suite (Toro Bravo pack) a pair of pure the red version of the Air J Cheap air jordans for sale ordan.html" target=" _blank" 〉 Jordan V, nicknamed the "raging bull" (Raging Bull. Although only allowed a few pictures, but it was enough to recognize the Big Boi but showed genuine goods at a fair price of genuine, as some people never rebuked it, said Big Boi only buy copycat version or hodge. Source: Battle shoes Wang , , Shanzhai hip-hop star, Big Boi, raging bull sneakers, popular shoes, Air, Jordan, Flight, 45, High, details, exposure comments on last article: Shanzhai hip-hop star Big cheap jordans for sale mens Boi, angry bull sneakers show next: popular shoes, Air, Jordan, Flight, 45, High details of exposureJordan was not in the Chicago Air Jordan 9 in nine generation of shoes NBA arena, which stands at the United Center in front of the trapeze statue, officially opened on November 1, 1994, in another way to Air Jordan 9 injected new meaning.Not long ago you brought a concerned American footwear designer Ronnie Fieg cooperation with NEW BALANCE M999 spy, according to the exposure time of black and white pictures, cheap jordan shoes for men you can only confirm that partner is the recent favorite topic of M999, I believe you quite looking forward to. In fact, some time ago we have seen the style of another spy, but did not specifically based on, so that is why there is no exposure. Recently, on Ronnie Fieg the twitter again exposed a few pictures, printed on Ronnie Fieg x NB999 'Steel Blue' words of books, it is this cooperation next to the M999, as the name implies Last year the United States launched the M1300 CL & quot; SteelBlue & quot; expan cheap jordans online ded color design, fully consistent with the spy photos seen before, M999 momentary popularity unmatched today, intends to start with a friend you remember intensify attention in the future sale of the news. & nbsp; Source: undergroundsoles& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; adidas supplier in China Wanbang Shoe efforts are being made to overcome the bottleneck of China's economic development arise. The industry believes that the United States and some European countries with economies in transition the cold, the impact Retro jordans for sale on China's economy, but also for a year to a year and a half. The sharp rise in raw materials, many times the appreciation of the yuan, the state export tax imposed new regulations, all of the manufacturer's production costs had a negative impact. But Adidas stressed that China will continue to be an important production base for the company in Asia. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Guangdong Province in southern China every day, some manufacturers out of business. Because the cost of greatly increased, they have been Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping unable to complete the contract with the big chains Carrefour and Wal-Mart signed a year ago. Soaring raw material prices, wages rise, yuan appreciation and the national implementation of the new export tax regulations, these factors make many enterprises unsustainable. The so-called & quot economic analysts mouth; maturation export economy must go through & quot ;, for business owners and workers, they tend to be a disaster. Adidas company in the southern Chinese city of Qingyuan supplier IMC shoe now face en Retro jordans for sale ormous cost pressures. Since the shoe industry is still labor-intensive work, therefore IMC shoe about 10,007 thousand workers, the daily production of 1.2 million pairs of sports shoes only. In order to keep the profits, IMC footwear sewing work will now be transferred to the surrounding area Qingyuan. Where wages satellite factory workers is relatively low. IMC manager Charles - Yang said: "The next step is to achieve automation, if 50% of the staff can now complete the current workload, then of course we'll c cheap foamposites ontinue to do so & quot; . The manager estimates, the United States and some European countries, the impact of the economic slowdown in China will continue for a year to a year and a half. In this IMC shoe company has taken positive measures. It is now set up in India a factory, while India's significantly lower than the wages of Chinese workers. The average monthly wage is equivalent to Chinese workers 130 euros, while India only 30-65 euros. Charles? Yang said he estimates that by 2012, IMC will footwear Adidas will give it half an order on China, but the other half will be placed India completed. He also stressed that the Chinese workers in the future and will not be unemployed, but they need to complete more complex production processes. "In the long run China It will continue to be the largest production base. This is a lot of manufacturers are aware of the truth. Labor discipline and technical ability of Chinese workers are high. India is now catch up. But now India also need to complete the transition from the production of casual shoes to sports shoes. China will get more production of high-tech end products of the contract. India will mainly produce affordable products. " In the past few months, the proportion of production related to Adidas in China will be reduced, some orders from China to other Asian countries remarks aroused great concern of public opinion. Although this transfer of production bases trend is inevitable, but Adidas Asia Pacific director Anderson still says he believes that China will continue to be Asia's largest production base. "We approved for production in 20 different countries in Asia, has for a long time a. But only China, Indonesia and Vietnam has become the most important production base. India recently joined in. If you want me to predict, so I have to say, China will continue to be our most important production base in Indonesia will get more orders, it is estimated that Vietnam's development will not soon. Some of the new countries will become an important production base, such as India. "